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PMP® Tutoring Overview

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Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP

Meet Your Coach

Dan Ryan is a Project Management expert & PMP exam coach. Dan has trained thousands of project managers world-wide in person and with virtual webinar led classes. Dan has 20 years’ experience as a Project Manager and has taught Project Management on the graduate level at NYU, Dowling College and Molloy College.
During his preparation for the PMP exam, Dan noticed that the study strategies for the exam were very confusing and everyone had a different opinion on what to study for the exam. Dan set out to review all the various resources and approaches out there and then proceeded to boil everything down to a simple straightforward study plan – all driven from an easy to follow daily PMP study checklist.

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PMP Virtual Coaching Overview

Virtual Coaching – Dispelling the Myths


A lot of PMP Candidates often initially think they have to have in person PMP tutoring. The reality is that virtual tutoring over the internet is actually better than in person tutoring. These days people are meeting using tools like WebEx, GoToMeeting and Skype and understand completely that these meetings are highly effective and have a similar feel as being in the same room with the other person. Take a look at the table below which explains the many benefits of virtual coaching.


Virtual Coaching In Person Coaching
Location Coach can work From anywhere. Coach must be in your area.
Cost Lower because no travel is involved. Higher because coach travels to you.
Availability Easier to find because of location independence. Hard to find if you don’t live near the coach .
Scheduling Easier because you can meet from anywhere as long as you are internet connected. Harder because you must physically meet.
Effectiveness Effective because online meeting tools enable each participant to follow along on their own PC with shared screens and mouse controls. Very effective because you are in the same room but you must huddle around your coaches PC.
Recording Possible to record and refer to later. Difficult to record.

What is the difference between PMP Exam Coaching and a Class/Bootcamp?

A PMP Exam Coach (often also called a PMP Exam Tutor) focuses on the needs of the individual student. One-on-one coaching sessions are personalized and group coaching sessions focus on areas where most students usually struggle. Coach and student regularly meet to discuss progress and issues. Each student is expected to study and complete “homework” assignments in between coaching sessions. The coach acts as a guide and offers insights. The PMP Tutor and the student(s) work together as a team over the course of several weeks in order to achieve exam success.

PMP bootcamps are usually fast-paced, intensive, 3-5 day long workshops during which the PMP exam material is “crammed”. The class is led by an instructor. Students attend with the goal to earn their 35 contact hours and take in the knowledge. Questions are answered during the class. Some bootcamps offer limited access to the instructor once the class ends, but most do not.

Whether you want to attend a PMP bootcamp or use a PMP Exam Coach is a very personal choice. Often it is also a question of the available budget because bootcamps usually come at a steep price while coaching can be purchased by more affordably. We feel that coaching is more effective and so we do not offer bootcamps.

PMP Coaching Plans

PM Tutor Hourly

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PM Tutor Gold

  • 1 Hour Live 1:1 PMP Coaching 
    6 Week Group Class
    PM Video Cast 90 Days (35 PDUs)
    eBook Bundle
  • Product Features Y

PM Tutor Ultimate

  • 4 Hours 1:1 Live Coaching
    6 Week Group Class
    PM Video Cast (lifetime) (35PDUs)
    PM Exam Simulator
    eBook Bundle
  • Product Features Y
PM Tutor Group PM Tutor Gold PM Tutor Platinum PM Tutor Ultimate
The PM Tutor Group includes:
5 hours Group Coaching N N N N
Live weekly instructor led call N N N N
Recording of all provided N N N N
Class Material Provided N N N N
The PM Tutor Gold includes:
40 + hours of training videos M N N N
Study on PC or Mobile Device M N N N
Simple Study Checklist M N N N
Private Facebook Forum M N N N
12 Page Quick Reference Guide M N N N
Updated for current PMP Exam M N N N
Workbooks for all PMP areas M N N N
Brain Dumps M N N N
Full length PMP exam and answers M N N N
35 Contact Hours Certificate M N N N
The PM Tutor Platinum includes:
3-Hour Block of Live 1:1 Expert Coaching & Training M M N N
Your choice of convenient 20, 40, or 60 minute sessions M M N N
Self-service scheduling, immediately upon purchase M M N N
Personalized attention from an expert, focused on your success M M N N
The PM Tutor Ultimate includes:
5-Hour Block of Live Group Expert Coaching & Training (Sunday Night Call) M M M N
Convenient 60 minute session Sunday night 8PM EST M M M N
1800 Questions in 9 exams M M M N
Detailed review & explanations M M M N
Live virtual one on one Coaching M M M N
Live virtual Group Coaching M M M N
PMP Hotline with Coach M M M N
PMP SMS and email with Coach M M M N

1 Month Basic Package

  • Live PMPCoaching                        1 HR
  • PMP Videos                                  N
  • PMP Workbooks                          N
  • PMP Exam Simulator                    M
  • PMP Braindumps                         N
  • 35 Contact Hours                         M
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4 Week Standard Package

  • Live PMPCoaching                        5 HRS
  • PMP Videos                                     N
  • PMP Workbooks                            N
  • PMP Exam Simulator                    M
  • PMP Braindumps                         N
  • 35 Contact Hours                         M
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3 Month Elite Package

  • Live PMPCoaching                 7 HRS
  • PMP Videos                                  N
  • PMP Workbooks                          N
  • PMP Exam Simulator                    N
  • PMP Braindumps                         N
  • 35 Contact Hours                         N
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