$49 5 Week Group Coaching Class 6/4/17

5 Weeks Live Coaching Just $49 Yes, It’s Really Just $49 Dan Ryan PMP Coach Dan Ryan is starting another group coaching class to help you ace the PMP exam! In the past you had to pay $249 for his group coaching. But the class starting in June is now offered for...

The experienced PM meets the PMP

In the years that I have been helping people pass the PMP exam, I have come across a small number of seasoned Project Managers that were unable to pass the exam. More often than not, these people were either referred to me or reached out to me because they had...

Difference b/w PMP Exam Coaching and a Class/Bootcamp?

A PMP Exam Coach (often also called a PMP Exam Tutor) focuses on the needs of the individual student. One-on-one coaching sessions are personalized and group coaching sessions focus on areas where most students usually struggle.

PMP Virtual Coaching

A lot of PMP Candidates often initially think they have to have in person PMP tutoring. The reality is that virtual tutoring over the internet is actually better than in person tutoring.