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PMP® Workbooks

PMP® study notes on all the areas that you need to study for on the PMP® Exam. Nicely written and illustrated and summarized to keep reading to a minimal.

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Mock Questions

Take this sample PMP® Mock exam questions with 600 questions which are going to be extremely similar to the questions you will see when you sit for the real PMP® Exam.

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Study Sheets

Learn all the Inputs, outputs and process knowledge. All the PMP® brain dumps, formula sheets and Earned Value practice questions.  Mnemonics for memorization and PMP® vocabulary lists.

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Carolyn Moncello
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"Dan is a highly skilled PMP® coach with a wealth of knowledge and material. I highly recommend him if you want to be successful in becoming a PMP®."

Jane Gallup
Project Manager

"Dan is an outstanding project manager with a broad knowledge of IT. His years of experience and passion as a project manager allow him to bring valuable instruction to aspiring PMP®'s. If you are looking for an outstanding PM, Instructor or someone that can get you past the PMP® exam, you've found him."

Daniel Evan
Project Manager

This is what you will learn

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            How to leverage your PMP credentials for career development

            This exact checklist you need to follow top pass the PMP in less than 6 weeks

            Understanding the PMBOK Guide framework to accelerate your learning process

            How to leverage your new understanding of PMBOK Guide structure to your strategy of the PMP Exam

            Strategies to understand different question types and how to answer them

            The most common mistakes people make can avoid replicating them

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