Pass the PMP® Exam (Updated for 2021 Exam Content)

Test Questions That Are Just Like the Real Thing. Expert Guidance & Coaching. Over 5,200 Success Stories & Counting! Pass the exam in as little as 30 days.

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            How to Pass the PMP Exam in 30 Days

            The new 2021 exam framework and strategies for passing

            Understanding the PMBOK Guide framework to accelerate your learning process

            Leverage your new understanding of PMBOK Guide structure to your strategy of the PMP Exam

            Strategies to understand different question types and how to answer them

            The most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them

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PM Exam Prep Features

Live Virtual Instruction

Our instructors go live daily on zoom to help make the exam contents seem very easy and straight forward.

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On Demand Video Library

An entire library of customized project management training videos for you to easily step through the content.

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PM Exam Simulators

PM Exam simulators with tons of practice questions in a state of the art practice simulator.

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