Free PMP Workbook - Integration


Please enjoy this free PMP Study Workbook on the knowledge area of Integration.  People love how simply these are written.  They are beautifully illustrated and easy to complete.  Think of these as the 'cliffs' notes of the PMP.  Each workbook as a 10 question quiz at the end with full explanations as well. If you like this consider buy the entire set of workbooks that covers the whole PMBOK 5th edition and includes; (this set also comes with the Group Coaching Deluxe)

1. Chapters 1-3 of PMBOK - PM Fundamentals

2. Chapter 4 of PMBOK - Integration

3. Chapter 5 of PMBOK - Scope

4. Chapter 6 of PMBOK - Time

5. Chapter 7 of PMBOK - Cost

6. Chapter 8 of PMBOK - Quality

7. Chapter 9 of PMBOK - Human Resources

8. Chapter 10 of PMBOK - Communications

9. Chapter 11 of PMBOK - Risk

10. Chapter 12 of PMBOK - Procurement

11 Chapter 13 of PMBOK - Stakeholder


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